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About Us

Hi, y'all! Meet Cara and Ashley. The duo behind the curtains of Coffee to Cocktails. These two friends and neighbors are just as passionate about shopping and clothes as they are about their Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. They bonded over coffee talk and bible studies and grew their friendship through late night conversations around the fire pit and Sunday afternoon lunches after church. They love singing loud (even though they're both completely tone deaf) and binge watching all the Netflix they can handle. Ashley and Cara both love to travel & spend time with their kids and husbands. And while new adventures are a friend favorite, Coffee to Cocktails is their most favorite adventure to date!!!!

Ashley is the always smiling big dreaming mom of two (a boy & a girl...the best of both worlds!). This UT grad and former Kilgore Rangerette who was once a talented news reporter is now serving her community as a marketing director and event planning extraordinaire. (Seriously though...this woman can throw an even like you've never seen). When Ashley isn't running from event to event, cheering on her husband's baseball team, or spending all the time with her two blonde babies, she loves to relax with a cocktail, some patio time, and all the ridiculous reality T.V. she can binge :)

Cara is the coffee drinking, homebody mom of two boys who loves being in the mountains and aimlessly wandering through the aisles of Target. This former Kindergarten/First Grade teacher currently spends her days working with teachers, creating resources for classrooms, and traveling around the country to different educational conferences where she speaks as a presenter (even though she's terrified to fly!) . When Cara isn't a taxi driver for her kids or enjoying a glass of bourbon with her husband, you can find her listening to true crime podcasts, dreaming about moving to the mountains in Colorado, or seeking God's word through prayer and bible studies.